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Learn About Ron Young

Ron Young and his wife, Kathy, have been married since 1975 and reside in Leroy Township, where they have lived since 1987. Prior to that, Ron and Kathy lived in Eastlake. They have five daughters and one grandchild. Ron attends the LIFEhouse Christian Church in Lake County. Since 2011, and previously from 1997 through 2004,........

 Learn Where Ron Young Stands on the Issues

Tax reform and a healthy business climate go hand in hand. Ron has a history of implementing serious tax reform. In July of 2010 the “Young Amendment” went into effect. This legislation was written, introduced, and passed by Ron. According to the non-partisan Ohio Legislative Service Commission the Young Amendment is projected to save Ohioans almost $100M this year and just under $500M by 2015.........



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